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From the beginning of time humans have yearned to travel and see new lands. Money Travel always encourages having a valid passport and being ready to go at anytime. MONEY.CA will provide a detailed list of Canadian passport offices in Canada.

Providing you are able to travel off to foreign lands you might want to save money if you can. Research is of primary importance before traveling. It is good to know where you are going and what is the usual temperature and more importantly what is the political atmosphere like, as well as what kind of money this new land uses. There is no doubt that some of our writers are also seasoned travelers and will give you the straight and narrow on traveling to strange and remote places on the planet. MONEY.CA will give you information and advice that is clear and concise and helpful when you need it most.

MONEY.CA plans up to 5 vacations or excursions per year with any number of our 30,000 MONEY Magazine subscribers. Demographics are clear for an older readership to now enjoy their retirement in pursuits of travel and leisure. We receive many requests for more group travel more often. MONEY.CA is well organized and we prefers bigger group numbers and a reasonable amount of annual trips, however we have an over whelming amount of requests that we have set up associations with the following groups in order to facilitate cheaper travel for all our customers at anytime. MONEY.CA has negotiated with and won 10% off Enterprise Car Rental, and they will also come pick you up. Travel 2000 and The Flight Centre in Toronto are looking to provide our group with discount and last minute fares and deals exclusively by email. Traveling from YYZ Toronto Pearson International Airport makes a lot of sense it is the airline hub in Canada, there are many more flights to and from Toronto than anywhere else in Canada. Working closely with our travel partners to provide you a more safe and enjoyable trip or holiday for a lot less money.

Money Canada Limited, the Canadian Money Saver group and 50plus.com are combining their buying power to ensure that more travel and leisure is had for less. MONEY.CA will encourage the participation of a larger group to ensure greater benefits and greater savings. As we look to encourage new participants to enjoy our products and services we look to engage other merchants and service bureaus to provide a higher level of service by those that demand it, and are willing to pay for it.

Help MONEY develop our MONEY Travel section, send us pictures, post cards, video and we will do our best to expand the travel category to attract and retain a growing interest in Travel and Travel Related Services. If you have information or contacts that will further reduce our costs on collective basis please share your thoughts and ideas.

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