Overview - Who We Are

The MONEY® Show is a weekly, high-impact, fast moving, 30 minute, HD, broadcast quality television show that is all about money and personal finance for Canadians.

Created by MONEY® Canada Limited, publisher of numerous financial services related products, including MONEY.ca and MONEY® Magazine, The MONEY® Show brings together the best of the best from within world of financial services content providers, product and services manufacturers, and advertisers.

The central theme of The MONEY® Show is:

'News, Reviews, and Interviews'.

Each broadcast will begin with a hard look and the numbers and data that define the world financial system, including stock exchanges, mutual funds, lending rates, etc., and will also cover the big financial news of the day much like a 6:00 o'clock news broadcast.

The MONEY® Show will also highlight and review new financial products and services. Backed by the 'YOU and YOUR MONEY® and ME and MY MONEY® Blogs', where over 30 of Canada's finest financial writers post consumer centric articles, we have an endless supply of content and experts from across Canada.

Finally, each broadcast will include interviews with top Canadian financial professionals: writers, authors, bloggers and advisors - with superb commentary and insight with direct non-scripted unedited interviews with economists, financiers, executives and prominent business owners.

MONEY® Canada Limited's mandate is ultimately Financial Literacy, and The MONEY® Show will serve this end by closing the loop and allowing us to reach even more Canadians via a weekly simulcast of both TV and audio broadcasts.

MONEY® Media Production Team

James Dean - Producer
Kennon Vaughan - Director, Editor
Elvis Deane - Video Production - Lighting, shooting and editing
Ian Whiting - Content Editor - CD, CFP®, CLU®, CHFC, LSSWB
Jim Ruta - Anchor


"...we have an endless supply of content and experts from across

For more information please call 416-360-0000.