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Jim Ruta lays it on the line each and every time. A seasoned financial professional and veteran industry insider gives, gets and delivers the straight goods.

Jim Ruta on demand - a pro in many areas, including author and presenter, is the front man of MONEY. We have enlisted his great talents, enthusiasm and love for money to assist us in creating high quality financial videos.

Off the cuff or by strict script Jim delivers on time and on budget. The MONEY Show and anchor man Jim Ruta go to great lengths to provide quality news, reviews and interviews that are valuable and exciting.

MONEY Media clearly writes what Jim delivers with attitude, conviction and interpretation that meet or exceed high-quality and broadcast standards.


Mutual Fund Market

Gordon Pape well known authority in Canada for Canadian Mutual Funds is a best selling author and a sought after speaker and commentator. Gordon is an independent mutual fund expert and makes his talents available on a pay per basis and a set standard fee with MONEY when and if he is available for exclusive interviews.

Gordon Pape is one of the many top Canadian financial authorities MONEY has a chance to engage with at different monetary levels that are valuable pay per service financial content at times we need expert advice. You get what you pay for - from a $100.00 appearance fees to thousands in exclusive interviews and series that are worth the price of admission. Investment - Insurance - Tax - Financial Planning and more...



Here Marty Gunderson one of MONEY's top 10 vloggers showcases our collective talents with a turnkey "requested subject" video on flow-through shares. At the same time Marty takes the time to gets guests to define the financial product and service in general terms, he makes the most complex products simple.

MONEY Video uses great techniques and high quality resources to create high-quality video on financial content that consumers really want and need. This unproduced and undirected video is excellent information that was created for especially for MONEY and can be further developed and easily adapted to television and audio.

Learn more about the full in-house video and production service that is mobile and up-to-date video, skype with advanced youtube channel and capabilities. Wait till you see what we have coming up with skype and on location video that's available online through web cast, broad cast and simulcast.



CNN AND BNN - Financial Expert James West is a well-known financial media analyst and investor. James West creator of the MIDAS Letter a monthly financial newsletter that gets and gives out news, information and insight to investors, readers and followers of finance.

James West has been in the industry for many years and video and television are his strong suits along with his loyal and growing followers he has been making money a priority.

James West has a lot of contacts and he can get interviews with Canada's corporate elite to unknown start-ups companies that are either darlings small companies or booming giants. James West is one of a kind and a friend to MONEY; we respect his intelligence, style and bravado and makes a great addition to our growing line of top financial advisers.



Jim Yih a financial guru worth knowing, seeing and following and in a contemporary way he has made himself available for MONEY. Jim Yih an advisor by trade understands personal finance best as a well-known author and speaker Globe and Mail announced his blog as the number one financial blog.

Jim is an advisor and sought after speaker and he is an advisors advisor; one that advisor follow and rightfully so. Jim Yih is nice, kind and captivating yet he can kick the living daylights out of your bad habits stopping you from making money or just retiring happy. This type of direct and motivational video is wanted, warranted and needed to make, save and preserve money and serve Canadian Financial Literacy best.



A definition: is a statement conveying fundamental character in the meaning of a word phrase or term. A 'financial definition' further defined in it's scope as elementary. In terms of 'financial literacy' meaning and understanding along with a relative example or illustration can mean the difference between knowledge and power.

MONEY Video seeks out the core financial products and services and works backward to find the best and most interesting people, personalities and companies that service these exact needs. MONEY understands that even before financial there comes literacy and we endeavour to seek out and search the best rates, rankings and returns in all financial products and services. On each every unique occasion, definition, product or service we try to get it right; the mix of valid and worthy financial news and information. Video is big and relevant video is bigger and in demand, easy to understand, personal and meaningful.

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A MONEY® Media Production
A MONEY® Media Production