The MONEY® Show looks straight into the eyes of both mid-level and high-net worth individuals who take their personal finances very seriously. The MONEY® Show goes beyond the hard data and provides in depth coverage of personal financial matters.




Helping Canadians of all walks of life make and save more money. In addition to typical financial audiences, we have also niched out into providing a platform to encourage financial literacy amongst all Canadians.

Subject Matter:

Our subject matter is the very essence of daily life. Most things, no matter how insignificant or all consuming, come with a cost - MONEY!

We delve deeply into the many aspects of being financially literate, responsible and empowered to know as much as possible about both preserving hard earned dollars and making more through a wide-array of investment options and strategies.

Our content comes directly from more than 30 Canadian financial authors, writers, and bloggers, whose profession and responsibility it is to guide consumers of financial products and services towards more intelligent and knowledgeable decisions.

The MONEY® Vertical

What allows us to produce such high-quality content and production values is a supporting network of financial media offerings. The MONEY® Vertical represents a stunning array of publications including MONEY® Magazine,, You and Your Money and Me and My Money Blogs, MONEY® News, and of course the engine behind all our productions MONEY® Media - our production company.

The MONEY® Show closes the loop and allows us to have the greatest impact by combining many creative and technical assets to produce the highest quality production possible.

Content is King!

Canadian Press Video Market Update
A hard look at all the important Canadian and Global financial markets and numbers. (Standard Segment)
Best Rate Around Best Rate Around
Rates - Rankings and Returns - Highest GIC Rates - Lowest Mortgage Rates - Top 10 Mutual Funds -Top Stock Picks of the Week (Standard Segment)
Feature Interview Feature Interview
Skype and on-location interviews with industry analysts and executives who will provide expert commentary and insight that speaks directly to financial affairs of YOU and YOUR MONEY®. (Standard Segment)
Regular Feature Regular Features Include: (Over 60 segments)
Market Update, Me and My Money, You and Your MONEY®, Best Rate Around, Investment Marketplace, Mutual Funds Canada, Estate Planning, Exempt Market Dealer, Investment Dealer, Exchange-Traded Funds, Euro, Canadian Capital, Canadian Finance, New Product Launch, Insurance Marketplace, Guaranteed Investment Certificate, Canadian Mortgage, Independent Pension Plan, TFSA, Divorce, The Advisors Channel.
Top Canadian financial authors, writers, and bloggers provide and endless supply of high quality content to support any number of print and broadcast media.


MONEY® has established exclusive media sharing relationships with world-class content providers, which allows us an unprecedented ability to promote all things MONEY® in Canada and around the world.

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