MONEY® provides the news, reviews and interviews that hard working Canadians like you need to help make, save, and preserve more of your money.

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MONEY Television is the culmination of all our hard work and dedication toward Canadian financial literacy. We are determined to get to the average Canadian and in ways that they prefer or any way we can.

MONEY Television and in essence The MONEY Channel is all about getting the message out loud and clear "knowledge is power" and once given or transferred it is called empowerment.

Nothing on TV! nothing good anyway!. All that will change because of the one most important things that we all want and need and is indeed one of the biggest subject matters and talking points ever "money". Bring sexy back to Financial Literacy is not an easy task. MONEY brand and bling is just the thing where in which we will catch the king. It is a brave new world with brand new money and a next generation that needs to be up to speed on the old ways of making money over time.

Financial Literacy - is the small print magnified, the fuzzy math proven and the big picture explained. If you cannot explain it to a 6 year old then you do not understand it yourself.

A tv generation has transitioned to online and the next generation is pioneering mobile as we speak.

MONEY is proud of all of our efforts to get the word out any way we can. MONEY Television is our flagship that makes us feel like we are not missing out until the next big thing comes along Canadian Financial Literacy can transcend all boundaries.

The Financial Show is now currently on television after strong concept designs, pilots and constructive feedback a fine, polished version of the hit series is out.

The MONEY Show is newsworthy, informational, educational with a high interest and return factor.

The focus is you and your money and ways to make save and preserve more of your hard earned money at every turn.

MONEY - The MONEY Network - The MONEY Channel  are proud to introduce financial television worth watching. The Financial Channel and The Big Pitch for Small Business are produced by MONEY Media and MONEY Television respectively.  Our intention is to promote Canadian Financial Literacy and our business is www.financialadvertising.ca help us, employ us or tell others about us and our tiny and darling company.

Rogers - Sasktel - Novus - BNN - Knowledge Network + Calgary + Capital Networks - half hour week-end. cover the country. On TV - on Cable Television

Watch. listen and learn, save and be savvy, take notes of news, information and quotes that will surely make you rich, wealthy and wise.

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