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Credit and Social Currency

The Social Currency

Nothing has ever brought people so close together and kept them as far a part than money. MONEY is and always will be a center of influence for society; people will do the strangest things for it, to have it, to hold it and keep it. MONEY can be strength, power or freedom it can for work for good and employed for bad and selfish reasons. There are those who have it and those that don't; some don't care about it and others can't live without it. You may like it and you may not either way it will play an important role in any one life, to know about it is one thing to have it is another.

There is only one thing in the world better than any points program or air miles reward system and that is MONEY, money back, money back guarantee, money off, money rebate, money savings. MONEY.CA created The Social Currency and each one could not live without the other. It is the people who made the computers and the people networked these computers and the computers diligently served the growing needs of the Internet savvy people. The idea to create a monetary system of real and credit finances and freely available based on your social currency score the combination of real credit and real reference. Companies are now clamoring to learn more about social media and the advertising opportunities. In creating The Social Currency money.ca stays one step ahead of all others by teaching companies that it is the people they serve and the people they want to share communications, dialogue and meaning while being loyal and honest as individuals, groups, firms and customers.

Making, saving and preserving money individually as a person or in groups as investors the MONEY agenda is to care, share and educate in Financial Literacy for all Canadians. The more they know the more they want to know, the more they have the more they want. We are here to give it to them; the guiding path toward a real education in personal finance is what we do best over and over again generation by generation they will pass it down, the traditions, the warnings, the complaints and just maybe not the commodity.

The economy as a whole is not doing so well when companies, corporations, banks and countries have to be bailed out. Macroeconomics is one thing and Microeconomics is a whole other it means HOW YOU DOIN? What is your wallet share – your debt and indebtedness, if credit bureaus want to know about your credit score then consumers want social currency pay back. Where are the good deals, discounts and savings; now more than ever some companies are bringing the niche savings along to those who want to know or pay to know more. Less is more…more or less and in a group a big group of knowledge thirsty, demanding and savvy online clients that knowingly have a collective buy and spend power makes it all possible.

We took a serious of good ideas to come up with a set of the best concept of money.ca and once we realized that this was a self-perpetuating money making machine we had to think backward and re-engineer what it is that we were learning we would soon have to teach and there in lies the answer to our corporate goals of making money and creating a destination place on the Internet focused on individuals and personal finance. A great excuse to make money is to take what we have inherently in one of the top websites in Canada, a keyword domain that does not disappoint; it attracts, retains and engages the right target markets. MONEY will create more categories, pages and develop greater Internet properties and portals with enhanced tools and technology. Our branding department is closed, nothing left to do they said and went home. Money knows about self-branding and branding ones-self MONEY is a vortex with its vertical and multi- directional play capability.

If you want MONEY to get closer to you, your friend and family than you are asking yourself if there are things you do not know, opportunities being missed, timing advantages slipped and executing on a simple personal or business plan or goal. The best advice you are ever going to get you may not like, but if you have been paying attention and paying a modest price to know more, you will have more…more money and less hassles and problems and more personal satisfaction and inner peace. MONEY Membership is cheap and exclusive and will lead you to all the benefits and advantages afforded to our society. Pay something to learn more, pay something to payback on products, services and value-for-money at every turn with comprehensive Financial Literacy programs and sponsorship in Canada.

MONEY.CA proponent of social media and investor empowerment gets paid one hundred fold in The Social Currency.

Follow us, link with us, and communicate with us for meaning in life and a higher standard of living for one and for all. Find out how to volunteer, participate, educate or donate.


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