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MONEY® Membership Pack  $50.00CAD 


MONEY® Membership Pack


Exclusive MONEY Membership services are given to our loyal clients that pay to know more about MONEY either through print/online or both. MONEY Members will receive full access to all our prestigious products, resources, services and restricted areas.


  • Free Financial Review Mitigate losses get control with potential growth and Capital preservation
  • Free Portfolio Review $200.00 value
  • Free Insurance Review potential savings: hundreds maybe thousands.
  • Free Mortgage Review potential savings: hundreds maybe thousands.
  • Free Tax Review
  • Free Online Portfolio Free secure access to your entire online portfolio.
  • Free Home Evaluation Free confidential electronic home evaluation Presentation
  • Free Mutual Fund Portfolio Free electronic Tracking, Alarms and Alerts
  • Free Andex Pull Chart Analyze historical stock markets –inflation from 1950 to current
  • MONEY Charts and Illustrations. Updated regularly
  • Free Classified adds on MONEY.CA and the MONEY Network of over 1500 sites.
  • 1% cash back re-bate on all Canadian Mutual Funds. * New Accounts
  • Discounts, Deals, Sales and Savings announcements, notices
  • The MONEY Book: the complete series 8 e-books of important and necessary documents and information required for successful financial planning and management, from Net worth Statement to Final Will and Testament and everything in between from borrowing money to charity and planned giving.


Personal Finance

Investment, Insurance, Mortgage, Tax, Financial Planning, Tax, Trust and Estate Planning. Call 1-800-789-1011 service, email and in person meeting by appointment.


  • The MONEY Store
  • MONEY Magazine
  • MONEY E zine/Newsletter ‘You and Your Money’
  • The MONEY Book
  • The MONEY Card
  • The MONEY e-book / The MONEY Course
  • The MONEY hat/The MONEY Shirt
  • The entire MONEY Clothing Line up
  • MONEY email --
  • Ad MONEY e-commerce m/c visa amex and now INTERAC Online.
  • is our online e-commerce affiliate – ADMERIS
  • ADMONEY to your site…for your products and services…accept credit cards in 48 hours Best Rate Around …only 2.5%
  • MONEY discounts:
    • CAA
    • Wiley Books
    • Enterprise Car Rental
    • Bell Mobility
    • MONEY Travel Agent
    • Dell
    • The Financial Forum: Canada’s Largest Financial Show: Free Access and MONEY Member V.I.P. lounge
    • The Entertainment Book
  • MONEY Coupon
  • MONEY Bargains
  • MONEY Close Out Sales
  • MONEY Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Notices
  • MONEY Investment Opportunities
  • MONEY Announcements
  • MONEY Classified Listings Personal and Business
  • MONEY News Room


  • Adobe’s indesign software with an entire suite of supporting contemporary products maintains and develops the highest quality MONEY Magazine issues that 60,000 MONEY Members have come know, use and enjoy.
  • Canadian MONEY Magazine dedicated to the practical management of money for the less privileged, average and high-income earners. MONEY Members have access to well-written and in-depth news, articles and information with award winning and captivating photography. MONEY print and electronic information is intensely researched and qualified practical advice written by Advisors and professionals for the express use and benefit of our MONEY Members and subscribers.

Inside MONEY Magazine:

  • Articles, Reports, Advertorials, Regular Columns – Cartoon- Classifieds –Advertising
  • Business Profile video/interview see: the inaugural color issue of MONEY with David Chilton celebrated best selling author of “The Wealthy Barber”

The MONEY Show

  • Get access to the new 1-hour MONEY Show now on Voice Print Canada’s channel 555
  • See the MONEY Show recorded live at the BNN Studios. Get free tickets
  • Call in – email in –regular guest interview/profile…MONEY all about Personal Finance
  • With Host James Dean ---- CFP A.J Hincer and Chartered Accountant Larry Silverberg


  • Money Newsletter and E zine…MONEY Magazine gives you relevant and current news, information and articles in full color on a monthly basis and alternately MONEY Newsletter, E zine and Master Money Library disseminate similar personal finance and money related information even quicker for full MONEY Members.
  • Inside MONEY Newsletter:
  • MONEY Media print and electronic information is intensely researched and qualified practical advice written by Advisors and professionals for the express use and benefit of our MONEY Members and subscribers.
  • Best Rate Around r (part of the MONEY Newsletter) prices, plans rates and returns for top performing financial products and services.
  • MUTUAL FUND REPORT Top 10 Mutual Funds in all specific Mutual Fund Categories
  • Included: Mutual Fund Flow Chart – current up to date sector and category winners and losers. Mutual Fund Company Changes, News and Updates regularly reported.


  • Get quick smart answers to commonly asked personal finance questions.
  • Get Answers online 24/7 or get free-recorded messages on our Toll Free 800 service.
  • Call during regular business hours for toll free customer service to ask more detailed questions to be answered with our ASK THE EXPERT program.


  • Knowledge is power access over 30 years and thousands of well-written articles and documents written by Advisors and other Professionals on the subjects of MONEY and Personal Finance. Well-organized and easily accessed historical Magazine, Articles and Blog Library.
  • MONEY TALK 1-HOUR CONSULATION up to 60 Minutes toll free access. North American wide calls accepted; use it to ask any questions or concerns you may have on personal finance and MONEY. Simply quote your MONEY Member access code during business hours and get the information or advice you need quickly and efficiently.
  • FREE PORTOFOLIO REVIEW and Online Portfolio with Tracking and Analysis


  • MONEY has many high level industry contacts and playmakers that promote quality small cap and consortium opportunities; look for MONEY to provide pre-qualified investment quality programs for individuals, groups and institutions.


  • Top 10 Mutual Funds in all specific Mutual Fund Categories
  • Included: Mutual Fund Flow Chart – current up to date sector and category winners and losers. Mutual Fund Company Changes, News and Updates regularly reported.


  • High end Golf Tournament Annual Invitation





Members ONLY

  • WIN Quality Prizes and Tickets to prestigious shows and events Regular Monthly Draws
  • WIN ‘The MONEY Card’ with $1000.00 pre-loaded: Annual MONEY Member Draw
  • MONEY Club enter to be part of the advisor/investor forum and exclusive electronic market place…where information, ideas, thoughts and complaints about financial products, services and the delivery of them are freely discussed in a open and formidable format.

MONEY Travel

Snow Birds, Snow Boarders and real Travelers welcome to the exciting and refreshing news and information about the hot spots and exotic places around the globe. Destinations and all points from here are easily accessible from YYZ, truly the centre of the world; for cheap travel in Canada at least. MONEY Members have travel needs and concerns; the commonality is just like the birds that stick together and the ideal that there is safety in numbers. I often wondered why Canada geese flew in a ‘V’ formation…I found that the first goose is the one that breaks the air and creates loft; like fast moving race cars each one create more aerodynamically sound loft. This ‘V’ formation reduces energy and increases the flight time to Florida and other southerly locales.

MONEY Members fly and travel cheaper and more comfortably than others. MONEY will affiliate and partner with not just one discounter but also several of the top quality agents and wholesalers that get the best deals in and out of Toronto. Join us along with thousands of other MONEY Members that realize clout is king…that with the group numbers that we have available for seasonal and specialty travel, there is no doubt that retailers, wholesalers and hoteliers are expecting us all over the place, it’s time we got organized MONEY Membership is destined to travel with you locally or to remote locations, both comfort and affordability are of paramount importance for me, you and all of us. MONEY Travel: worth beyond the price of MONEY Membership.

Best Rate Around

Best Rate Around is a regular feature of MONEY Magazine, E zine and Newsletter. BRA shows and depicts the best local, southern and world travel destinations there best deal available which are MONEY Travel worthy and approved to our high exacting standards.

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